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Welcome to the Official Website of James Matthewson.

"Matthewson is a natural WriterBroadcaster. One of the rapidly rising stars of UK Political Commentary." 
- Sky News.

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About James.

James Matthewson is a Published Author, TV Broadcaster and Political Adviser from the UK.
A native Northumbrian, James now lives in Edinburgh, Scotland and works both out of London and Internationally.  
Before starting in his career as a Writer and TV Broadcaster, James worked for the UK Parliament as the Spokesman to the Chair of the Labour Party.
After leaving his role at the House of Commons, James released a publication called 'Progressive Pragmatism' in partnership with the prominent think-tank Compass.

Progressive Pragmatism received praise from across the political spectrum as an 'on-the-ground assessment' of the Labour Party's 2017 and 2019 General Election defeats.

James has written about Politics and various Social issues for several different Newspapers and International Publications including The Times, The Huff Post & The Daily Mirror. 

Appearing on UK Television weekly, he is a regular and trusted contributor with broadcasters including Sky News, BBC, ITV, Talk TV, Times Radio and GB News. 

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Books & Writing

Wonderboy Cover.png
by James Matthewson
Published by Olympia

'Wonderboy' is a unique collection of poems written by James Matthewson.

Each poem shines a light on the experience of growing up with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

From navigating a challenging school system, to developing friendships and learning to live with Asperger’s syndrome, the poems and writings in 'Wonderboy' give a first-person perspective of life on the Autistic spectrum and tell a story all too familiar to millions of families, children, and teenagers across the UK.

'Wonderboy' was published in August 2022 by Olympia Publishers and is now available for purchase online and in selected UK bookstores. 

Progressive Pragmatism
by James Matthewson
Published by Compass

The Corbyn era in Labour was genuinely transformatory. It swelled the Labour membership, engendered exciting new ideas and thinking and gave a sense of hope to previously disenfranchised activists and campaigners. All of this shouldn’t be understated.

But despite this, a culture of tribalism, hostility and rancour pervaded the party. Those who didn’t entirely endorse the project were marginalised and labelled as traitors.

In this publication, former Parliamentary staffer and Labour spokesman, James Matthewson reflects on the successes and failures of Corbynism and suggests that the party now needs to urgently adopt strategies that unify the different factions.

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